Funding for DC’s Community-Centered, Ambitious Organizations

“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”
George Burns

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The Humanities Council of Washington, DC “HumanitiesDC”  has opened its latest grant cycle, the “Who’s A Washingtonian?” Grant. This time, HumanitiesDC is searching for organizations that can unite two DC demographics that wouldn’t normally connect, around a humanities project. Past grantees have used up to $2,500 awarded by this grant to host interfaith conferences, explore the lack of fresh produce in low-income parts of the city, and connect young and old residents to share stories so that the rich history of this area is never forgotten. The deadline to apply for the Who’s A Washingtonian? grant is August 7th. Several will be awarded.

So are you ready for the final huge “risks”??????

Here they go.

You must get up, eliminate all excuses and GO GET IT. HumanitiesDC is hosting three FREE grant workshops this month to help you prepare an application to receive this FREE money. Hit the button below to register.

Make a difference for the city and your organization.

Best wishes,

Team TBI

Oh we almost forgot the best news! If you’re not a non-profit, HumanitiesDC allows applicants to partner with non-profits to “sponsor” their application. If you have questions, email Grants Director, Louis Hicks: lhicks@wdchumanities.org.

RSVP for the April Grant Writing Clinic with HumanitiesDC

Since I have no experience in the grant/proposal process, this workshop was extremely helpful in giving me a better understanding of the process and also where to go next from here. – Previous Attendee
Go beyond the basics of proposal writing, and strengthen your grant proposal at HumanitiesDC’s Grant Writing Clinic on April 29th. Open to grant-writers at all experience levels, this Grant Writing Clinic will give personal feedback to each participant on one of their own grant proposals, while providing them with the fundamental knowledge to strengthen their fundraising efforts.

 Using group exercises and feedback, participants will gain a better understanding of:

  • the grant-seeking process,
  • the components of a competitive grant proposal,
  • tips from the grant-maker’s perspective,
  • and how to build a relationship with a funder.

As a participant, you will receive peer and instructor critiques on your proposal, review peer proposals as a “grant-maker,” and identify ways that you can strengthen your grant-writing.

 Previous attendees have said:

“…the grant proposal workshop was extremely helpful to me, especially with Rachel critiquing my proposal.  Perhaps the best bargain of the year!”

“This is the first time I’ve gotten professional feedback on a grant application. This is a tremendous gift to me.”

Class preparation: All participants will be able to submit one current or previous grant proposal that they have worked on. Individual feedback with suggestions will be returned to the participant at the clinic. Applications cannot be proposals intended for submission to the Humanities Council (we provide grant application feedback during the grant-making process). Proposals must be submitted to the instructor by e-mail (rmannino@wdchumanities.org) as a Word document by April 22nd, or the participant will not receive individualized feedback.

When: Wednesday, April 29th

Cost: $50.00

Where: The Council’s Offices, 925 U Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 (across from the 10th Street Exit of U Street Station)

To register, click here.

April Brand Marketing Bootcamp: The Do’s and Dont’s of Gaining Visibility – 4/18

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Are you preparing to launch a new product, project or brand? Have you been wondering what exactly is the best launch strategy to gain visibility? Create more than buzz after April Brand Marketing Bootcamp with Natasha T. Brown on April 18 from 10-11am. Discover how to generate genuine interest to convert “lookers” into buyers-supporters and brand enthusiasts! This class will also provide a list of annoying tactics that will turnoff any media professional and potential partner. The Do’s and Don’ts of Gaining Visibility is an important investment for professionals who want to become their own brand builders!

If you have questions, email us at thebuildup@thinkbrownink.com. Click here to register and to learn more about the 2015 education series and our award-winning instructor.